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SSCO Offers complete range of electrical project management services

Transmission Lines

SSCO has completed transmission projects up to 400kV, and has installed thousands of kilometers of overhead transmission lines.

SSCO has completed transmission projects in some of the most challenging of conditions. Whether working on farmlands or in mountains, through rock and poor rock or water soaked lands, on flat sandy soil or on steep rocky inclines, using helicopters, barges and mobile cranes, we get the job done.

We have experience constructing and installing steel monopole and steel lattice structures and have experience working with a wide range of soil and ground conditions.

Our team with some of the best engineering firms in the country to ensure clients are delivered with high-quality design/build teams and projects that maximize communication, safety, productivity and cost-savings on every project.

Transmission Line Construction Main Activities:

  • Foundation construction using new Drilling machine

  • Gravity foundation of reinforced concrete slabs as common foundation

  • Pile foundation with concrete slab used in difficult ground condition

  • Supplying and delivering the highest quality standard equipment of transmission lines at the lowest cost

  • Towers Erection

  • Stringing of Conductors using Hydraulic Puller, Cable Pulling Machine, Cable pulling winch, conductor stringing block pulleys

  • Protection of Foundation (Revetment)