SSCO's Factory


Location : Semnan, Iran


In year 2016, with the aim of expanding its activities, SSCO Company built a factory in Semnan Industrial Town.
This factory was put into operation on a land with an area of 42,000 square meters and 17,000 square meters of infrastructure.

In 2019 and now has 2,000 meters of office space, 2,000 meters of warehouse and three production halls with an area of 13,000 square meters. Various production equipment of this factory, including CNC punch lines and CNC corner drills, laser cutting of 4 kW flat and profile sections, various types of sheet cutting and bending machines, CO2 welding machines, impact and hydraulic presses up to 200 tons, 5 and overhead cranes. It is 10 tons.
Relying on technical knowledge, experience of managers and personnel and capacity of machines, this factory is now able to produce all kinds of power transmission towers, telescopic and lattice types, all kinds of ladders and cable trays, all kinds of grating and earth mats, metal structures, bolts and nuts & etc.

The company's laboratory with advanced equipment for testing and measuring the quality of raw materials, consumables and production parts is one of the executive arms of the company in production.
This factory guarantees the quality of its products by implementing quality assurance system and using ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. The various units of the plant include engineering, planning, quality control, quality assurance, financial administration and warehousing.

In 2021, the company succeeded in obtaining a research and development certificate in the field of production of metal and electrical equipment from the Mining Industry and Trade Organization.

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