Our Services

SSCO Offers complete range of electrical project management services

Distribution Systems

SSCO has performed all types of overhead and underground distribution projects throughout the country, ranging from new development in rural areas to repairs in cities and rebuild projects.

SSCO maintains long-term, established alliance agreements with clients to perform distribution line construction and maintenance services.  These collaborative relationships provide many benefits to clients that include the fostering and achievement of common goals, improved decision-making, reduced costs and increases in production and efficiency.

SSCO offers its rich experience in this segment to empower downstream Industries. The Company has been associated in establishing various power substations in the 33kV, 11kV voltage class and 33 kV line up to consumer mainly in Khouzestan Province.

Our capabilities under this segment include:

  • Topography

  • Civil Engineering

  • Electromechanical Engineering

  • Structure distribution, as well as construction and commissioning of lines and substations.