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Control Systems

Employing the most experienced and skilled manpower and engineers, who have graduated from leading universities, Design Group of SSCO, conducts designing, parameterizing and commissioning of  protection and control systems proceeds in line with the related standards at two DCS and conventional modes based on world latest sciences and technologies of power industry from the beginning up to finishing projects.

Preparing conceptual design documents and certificates including mono-linear layouts, protective, control and telecommunications diagrams, CT and VT calculations, etc. through taking advantage of related advanced software packages that are usually constituted from promoted and edited versions of reliable software packages.

Designing detailed-schematic drawings, obtained from basic documents and certificates, and layouts for construction of substation protection and control panels through the application of the mentioned software packages.

Provision of cabling tables and fittings between power panels through the application of private cable software package of the company.

Setting and configuration of protection relays, BCUs and measuring centers with Ethernet and Serial communication protocols such as: IEC 61850 for protection and control relays, Modbus RTU and TCP for measuring center devices and IEC 60870-101 for SCADA communication through the application of software packages specific for each relay and also testing protective and control functions of relays.

Substation Automation designing with Siemens, Schneider and ABB automation and configuration software.

Conducting Factory Acceptance Test, Site Acceptance Test and telecommunication systems for insuring correct performance of protection and control systems of the substation and preparing the related reports on the test results.

Holding Siemens DIGSI4, 5 and SICAM PAS/WinCC and Schneider PACIS (SCE, SBUS server and EcoSUI) software’s training for technical engineers.

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